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Attention puppy lovers!

We kindly advise you to exercise caution and diligence when selecting a puppy. It is important to inquire whether the offered puppies come with breed certificates.

If, for any reason, you are offered to purchase a puppy without proper documentation, we strongly recommend asking the breeder why the puppies do not possess papers issued by the Estonian Kennel Club. Regardless of the response, please be aware that acquiring undocumented "purebred puppies" is associated with illegal and unethical practices. Such practices often lead to an increased risk of acquiring dogs with health issues, temperament problems, and physical characteristics that may not resemble the desired breed standards.


Your utmost consideration and vigilance are crucial in ensuring the well-being and quality of the puppies you choose.



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Why are puppies being sold without papers?



  1. Papers are expensive.
    Actually, they are not. The sale price of dogs without papers is only slightly cheaper than dogs with papers. In fact, obtaining papers for the litter from the Estonian Kennel Union costs only a few tens of euros, and it does not significantly increase the price of the dog.

  2. Parents do not have health examinations.
    Undocumented puppies are sold by individuals who prioritize making money over the well-being of the dogs. Such individuals, known as "millers," engage in business without considering the welfare and health of the puppies. They may neglect health examinations for the mother dog, mate with any available male, skip worming and primary vaccinations for the puppies, and have consecutive litters from the same female.

  3. Puppies are ungroomed.
    Often, these puppies receive poor care, are malnourished, and are given away at a very young age to minimize costs. They are kept in cramped spaces or outdoors, with minimal human contact and little to no grooming. They may have fleas, skin diseases, lack vaccinations, and the breeder may not present the parents to the buyer due to their poor condition.

  4. Show dog or not?
    Even if a breeder claims that a puppy is unlikely to be a show dog, a responsible breeder will still provide a pedigree certificate. Breeders have the option to register a puppy as non-breeding (MA) if it cannot be used for breeding due to bite defects or other issues. Such a puppy has a pedigree certificate but is marked as not for breeding (MA).

  5. What does a pedigree certificate provide?
    The pedigree certificate guarantees that the puppy is the offspring of the parents stated by the breeder and ensures that it is a representative of the appropriate breed. Purchasing an undocumented dog that resembles a certain breed for a high price supports the production of unhealthy puppies with defects and encourages breeders who do not care about maintaining breed standards. An undocumented dog does not have a recognized breed.

  6. So why aren't the papers made?
    Papers may not be obtained if one or both of the parents are not good representatives of the breed, have health issues, or are registered as non-breeding. Owners of undocumented puppies often face disappointment as their dogs may not develop the desired appearance, become aggressive, or develop costly health issues.

The EPLK and responsible breeders strive to prevent the production of pedigree dogs without papers. For those seeking a companion or a house guard, we recommend considering shelters where many wonderful dogs are waiting for a loving home. It is up to us to determine whether the illicit business continues or not. As long as there are people willing to buy dogs without pedigree certificates, there will be those who produce them.

Text copied From the website of the Mastifite Breed Association.

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Attention puppy lover!!!

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