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Breed Club

The Estonian French Herding and Guardian Dog Club was established in March 2007 to represent the interests of owners and breeders of Beaucerons, briards, Pyrenean mountain dogs, Picardy sheepdogs, and Pyrenean sheepdogs in Estonia. The dog breeds represented by the club are rare and relatively little known in Estonia, which gave rise to the idea of creating a common club for these six French herding and guardian dogs. The goal was to ensure the continuity of breeding and education for these breeds for future generations. We welcome all French enthusiasts, owners, and breeders to join us.

In recent years, the main focus of the club has been Pyrenean mountain dogs, as they have a higher proportion of owners. Recently, no litters of other breeds have been born in Estonia, and there have been no new owners, interested individuals, or breeders coming forward for them.

New members are welcome to join our club - together we can achieve more!


The Board of the Estonian French Herding and Guardian Dog Club

Chairman of the board

Marion-Silvia Diener
Tel. +372 56951142

What does the breed club do?

The Estonian French Herding and Guardian Dog Club is intended for owners and enthusiasts of "French" breeds, aiming to bring together like-minded individuals with similar interests. One of the club's important goals is to promote and raise awareness about "French" breeds, sharing relevant information about their characteristics, planned litters, and litters already born. Our "Frenchies" are often evaluated at dog shows by all-rounder dog judges who haven't bred the breed. Therefore, the club has advocated for the inclusion of breeders as judges for our breeds at exhibitions organized in Estonia. As the number of members and dogs continues to grow, we envision organizing special exhibitions and other enjoyable events within the club. These events will provide opportunities for representatives of the same breed to connect, get acquainted, and spend time together.

We have two platforms available for our members. Firstly, the breed association's website offers information about the breeds, breeding advice, and other resources. Secondly, we have our own forum where users can freely ask questions and engage in discussions on various topics.

Furthermore, the club aims to promote the work of breeders who prioritize quality in breeding rather than focusing solely on producing a large number of dogs.

The Estonian French Herding and Guardian Dog Club was founded on 05.03.2007 in Tallinn. The owners of "French" breeds became active with the goal of creating a breed association for six breeds of French herding and guardian dogs, which are represented in Estonia in very small numbers, and to advocate for their interests.

There were several reasons for creating a unified breed association. These French breeds have not gained enough popularity individually in Estonia to warrant separate independent breed associations, so it was decided to join forces. The number of dogs registered in the Estonian Kennel Union is small, making it easier for the breed association to collect the necessary data from the beginning and maintain statistics on dog exports, imports, litters, and health examinations. All the breeds represented by the breed association are unique, and in order to preserve the quality of these dogs and recognize excellent breed representatives, the breed association has its own website. The website is regularly updated to provide necessary and relevant information to those interested in the breed. The creation of the Estonian French Herding and Guardian Dog Club aims to promote the breeds, attract more attention, and guide breeding efforts towards the further development of these breeds. The club unites Pyrenean mountain dogs, Pyrenean sheepdogs, Beaucerons, Briards, and Picardy sheepdogs.

What are the benefits of being a member of a breed club?
  • As a member of the Estonian French Herding and Guardian Dog Club, you can benefit from expert advice provided by the club regarding breeding, training, and presenting your dog at shows.

  • Moreover, as a member of the club, you will receive recommendations on breeding and the club will assist you in finding a suitable mate for your dog.

  • Additionally, as a member of the club, you have the privilege to share information about your dog's puppies and planned litters on the club's website, free of charge.

  • Furthermore, being a member of the club grants you access to discounts offered by our partners.

  • Last but not least, as a member of the club, you can participate in club events at a reduced cost.

What are the advantages of being a member of a breed club for a dog breeder?

The breeder has the option to add information about their dogs' born or planned litters at no cost. Additionally, breeders have the opportunity to include an advertisement for their kennel on the website of the Estonian French Herding and Guardian Dog Club, where potential puppy seekers can find relevant information. Being a member of the club enhances the trust and confidence of individuals in search of a puppy!

Why a breed club?

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